Behind the Scenes at Europe’s Largest Auto Show

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) –- “Lunch Money” Host Adam Johnson looks at some of the trends coming out of this year’s Frankfurt International Auto Show. (Source: Bloomberg)

Vane for what people are talking about on line.

And quickly, you and i have talked a number of times about media organizations being hacked.

Of what if this data gets into the wrong hands?

Prophetic in interesting question.

Especially thing he about the journalists to tools, you know, a lot of journalists have resources on the site.

It allows the brands to be more publicly discussed.

There is not a lot of risk there.

However, when you're talking about data encompassing large amounts of people, should a mistake be made and some of that information is disclosed, someone could have a treasure trove.

Sometimes all it takes is a wrong setting and personal data could be disclosed.

That is a big concern as well.

Will continue to follow the news report.

Thank you.

Paypal also introduced new features for eight android mobile apps.

You can find local stores that use the mobile payment software.

Users can also make payments with bluetooth without a wifi connection.

Thanks for stopping by here today.

I get the big challenge with mobile payments, getting consumers to actually use them, rather than pulling out a credit card.

It is not that difficult.

What will encourage people to actually use the new app?

We allow you to do a lot of things you cannot do without the mobil added pp.

We have features that allow you to save offers from your favorite stores and let you know when they expire said he never missed a deal.

You can order your food and end and then skip the line and paychex.

-- pay the check.

It lets you experiment with the aids.

Side of it, not just the

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