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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) –- East End Ready Mix Owner David Schiavoni, who manufactures a beet juice blend, and Arlington Heights, Illinois, Snow Commander Scott Rowader discuss the benefits of using beet juice on roads to melt ice. They speak to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Of a company that manufactures a beet juice blend from long island.

His product is used by the new york state freeway.

He joins us in the studio.

Thank you for coming in.

It is supposed to be a very busy season for you.

Tell us about the idea of using beets to de-ice roads.

Everybody uses sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride.

They put a lot of chloride into the ground and it leaves a big residue everywhere.

We came up with a project made from beets.

When they make sugar out of sugar beets what is left over is a byproduct, a brian.

We found out it freezes at 55 below zero.

It has positive ions which act to protect steel.

It is not attack steel like chloride.

If you mix it with salt and brs, it accelerates your salt.

Salt only work at 20 degrees.

Beet juice is the only non- chloride accelerator.

You can either coat it or remake it in a liquid.

You spray it.

What it does is it basically brings the freezing temperature down.

You use less of it.

And neutralizes the corrosion.

You still need chlorides.

You cannot melt it without chlorides.

You do not need any of that with the chlorides.

All they're doing is cutting the sodium out and adding more chlorides.

We do -- we do the opposite.

We are accelerating it so you will not need as much sodium which is what is bad for your feed and the water table.

This is possible.

You can drink it.

It takes the rest right off your tools.

It is an incredible project.

How look if you been doing this?

Four years.

We have not had any snow so it has been a little tough.

New york state has two uses on the freeways.

I want to introduce someone else to the conversation to verify.

Joining us on the telephone from the chicago suburb of arlington heights, snow commander scott.

It is good to have you here.

Thanks for having me.

As the snow commander, northwest of chicago?


We are 25 northwest of chicago.

About 77,000 people.

What do you use to deice the roads?

Five or six years ago we were just using rocksolid with calcium chloride to de-ice.

We were using a lots of it.

When there was a salt shortage we had to look for alternatives.

We started, we heard about this beet juice.

We used this blend of that is a combination of salt brine and liquid housing chloride in beet juice.

It has allowed us to cut our salt use in half in the last six years.

Cut your salt use in half.

How much a beet juice do you need?

You may not need as much salt.

How much do you need to produce?

Everybody has spread is.

You can get 80% of your salt.

What you do is you pre-apply.

When you pre-applied before the snow, when the snow comes town, the first half inch does not freeze.

You do not need any salt after work.

That is one advantage.

I can take the beet juice and coat regular salt which brings the freezing temperature down and you can cut 30% use on your salt.

What kind of machinery are you using in order to deliver this beet juice brine?

We have 25 salt trucks.

They are equipped with liquid tanks.

We applied this to be too juice blend right on board as we apply right to the rock salt as it is going out to the payment.

-- pavement appeared we were using about a hundred pounds of lame now -- lane mile of salt.

Is this refitting the various units all over the country that are charged with making sure the roads are clear?

Most have sightings.

They accelerate their granules.

They have their spreader and the sighting.

That is a great way to do it.

They are also now building special spray unit just with the juice that you would spray see you do not need to also put the rocksolid down which knocks peoples windows out.

The problem is refitting the trucks.

I have these 11 hundred gallon units.

They are $1500 any four wheel drive truck can be a sprayer.

It kept almost the third the cost of using salt.

What has it been like to get this introduce?

The municipalities are open because they save money.

Private industries are using it for their parking lots for highways.

They get paid per ton of salt.

They do not want to convert because they get paid $200 a ton to spread salt.

When i say you're going to cut your salt use, they say i'm not going to be able to make my money.

I have to say you are going to cut it out.

It has to have an effect on the brown where?

Bb juice is great.

You can actually drink it.

It is the only product that you can pour right in the drain.

It has been approved by the dec.

How can people find it more?

You can go to my website.

We also make it out of the midwest and we ship it out by train.

We bring it to pennsylvania and distribute it from there.

Have you got all bb juice that you need?

Can you see this moving over completely?

I do not see us moving completely over to it.

We are using a lot more beet juice and less salt.

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