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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Veteran sports executive Andy Dolich discusses baseball's legal battle over the Oakland A's proposed move to San Jose and the marketing impact of Cuban rookie Yasiel Puig. Vince Gennaro of the Society for American Baseball Research develops new metrics for rating starting pitchers. Dominic Chu sits down with Arizona Diamondbacks All Star and self-described "business junkie" Paul Goldschmidt. (Source: Bloomberg)

This week the spotlight shines on based all all-stars, but there is lengthy lurking in the shadows.

When you throw a brushback pitch there is no result.

Meanwhile a field day.

Will he be able to make the adjust meant?

That is the key -- the adjust and?

That is the key.

And at least one picks up the financials section before the sports.

No softballs on this show.

Just moneyball.

"sportfolio" starts right now.

Hello, welcome to bloomberg's weekly inside look at the business of sports.

It's week major league baseball held it all-star game in new york, and thousands of fans participated across the city, including at the convention enter, a show pays -- showcase for sponsors.

Baseball thought a slight dip in attendance since 2013, so this came at a very good time for baseball associate.

There are issues of concern across the business lance gave.

Hereto this got -- business landscape.

Here to disk us this, a business -- to discuss this, a business analyst joins us.

Officially giants territory, will and last month a lawsuit.

Tell us what is going on.

The a's have in trying to move out of oakland for going on seven years.

Now the last four and a half years to play and the downtown ballpark.

The giant believes -- giants believe they have the right given to them.

The city of san jose has gotten frustrated.

They threw a brushback pitch against baseball, talking about their opportunity to get the a's. when you throw a brushback pitch, there is no good result.

You are either thrown out of the aimgame or somebody is suspended.

This will be an elongated process.

You have worked with these guys for a long time.

Can this issue be resolved so everyone spurs?

They can.

I was lucky to be with the team for 15 years, and we proved it.

Playing in the coliseum we drew close to an average of two and a half million people, so there is a plan on the table to hopefully build a baseball only stadium in oakland, but oakland has more important issues than helping to build a new stadium.

I also think there is an option where baseball can tell the a's this is the check you have to write to the giants, and if you do that we will give you the right to move, but it has to be a properly finance stadium.

Where is that money coming from?

Pre-k's they outline major options.

Let talk about deadlines.

They say we have seen what happened to pete roselle.

Is this issue and the court date s finally going to put some pressure to come up with a negotiated solution?

Not being a lawyer, not saying at a well-known motel chain, i do not excel.

You do not written baseball.

-- you do not threaten baseball.

The two words that are most hated by ownership in sports are deposition and testimony.

The greatest anger that happened is the global hours went up across the country -- billable hours went up at law firms across the country.

Where do the a's go?

The a's should the in oakland.

The current ownership says the market is not right and the stadium is not right.

The stadium owner has led, we have exhausted every opportunity in oakland.

I do not believe they have did every opportunity.

-- they have exhausted every opportunity.

They could work out a new opportunity to play in a new base of baby him.

-- baseball stadium.

It is time to move this forward.

The hottest story in based all, baseball could not come up with a way to get into new york, is this an inexcusable missed opportunity?

From a marketing sense , yet, but bud phil leg -- selig looks like a genius it is a lot of people did not know him playing in a smaller market in oakland.

He has had one of the best initial first month, but now you have a tremendous queue been involved in.

-- cuban involvement.

The only thing missing last night was to have fidel and raul throw out of first pitch at the field.

Your boy did well at the derby as well.

I know you will take personal credit.

Thank you for joining us.

We will use noon.

One of the largest shadows looming over base all continues to be the drugs, but the leg -- selig the claire the game is cleaner than it has ever been.

He while, 2000 or teen has been some promise ring young players hit the big-league stage.

A little later -- promising young players hit the big-league stage.

A little later we will talk to paul, who has a talent for hitting and ahead or business.

Coming up, we go to weep into statistics with one of the most prominent researchers.

Whose stock is rising when he runs the numbers?

You picked a guy i think is one of these balls most perfect pictures.

More as sportfolio rolled on.

Each year baseball holds a live auction of historic memorabilia.

This year they brought in more than $900,000. fans did on monday and tuesday.

-- bid on monday and tuesday.

Welcome back.

The value of them are billy is always what the market can bear, but the value -- the value is always what the market can bear.

That is why it has a, challenged to keep up with the latest formulas.

-- it has become a challenge to keep up with the latest formulas.

Joining us as an act give consultant to many -- an active consultant to many major league team.

Pitching sexy again?

It has definitely made a comeback.

Where general manager czars running a lot of time learning about pitching.

You have designed a system them.

Tell us about it.

I focused on things pitchers have direct control over, but be on that i adjust for context.

What is the quality of opposition?

What we know is ground balls cause more opposition than why balls -- flyballs.

A pretty sophisticated analysis.

It is adam wainwright at the top.

Chris vail at number four.

-- sale at number four.

Real life context, let they the phillies drop out of the race -- let say the phillies drop out of the race.

What is his value?

You picked the guy who is the perfect picture.

When you look at all those actors, -- back or is , -- all those factors, his value is only diminished, but he could still be a trade chip.

A really exciting guy.

How do you evaluate whether he is a flash in the pan or the real deal?

One thing we are being is he is doing a lot of things jeff van core did when he broke in.

He has got a tremendous batting average on ground balls.

The expectation is he is hitting in the 390 cost's. will he be able to make the adjust rent?

-- adjustment?

That is key.

He said it is not the payroll but we are spending a lot of money on international scouting.

It aims to be paying off.

-- it seems to be paying off.

A really focused on the international market , which is not cheap.

The left-handed pitcher , which is pitching like a bona fide number two starter, they got him, but it is interesting.

It looks like they are really leading the dodgers back.

The pirates have been a real access story and the surprise for major league baseball -- real success story and a surprise for major league they fall.

-- baseball.

How have they been getting it done?

They are living i of formula they would like to employ, and that is building internally.

The pirates have maximized the value of early draft picks.

They have bent and average of $10 million per year for the last five years -- spent an average of $10 million per year for the last five years.

There are many teams that decided they wanted to save some money on early draft picks.

The difference tween spending $6 million in debt of $4 million, -- instead of $4 million, it shows the wisdom.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with us.

Thanks for having me.

The diamondbacks hold a gem out of the draft with goldsmith.

We will explain.

There are few hotter players or better bargains that matt harvey, who will earn 498 thousand dollars.

Straight ahead.

Before matt harvey the last all-star pitcher with a salary under 500 also dollars, -- under $ 500 out and i'm a jack armstrong -- under $500,000, jack armstrong.

And a contract extension in march.

Goldschmidt has career interest he could fall back on.

The self-described business junkie visited the newsroom.

We sat the all-star down to talk about these ball and business.

-- baseball and business.

I was that being finance -- studying finance, and we never knew based all would be a job where you did not have to do something else.

You are not getting paid like you are in the big leagues, but you have to find a way to hate the bills.

-- to pay the bills.

What i liked was finance, so there was an opportunity , and i got called to the diamondbacks.

We made the playoffs.

Finance and economics still interest did me.

-- interested me.

You are trying to finish your college degree.

Would it be finance?

It is bachelors of finance and management.

I probably should know.

I went to school at texas eight 43 years.

-- texas state for three years.

I ended up settling for the university of phoenix online.

I had to switch to get my credits to transfer.

Part of it was they had to pay for me to finish my degree.

They finished in six or seven weeks.

Do you feel comfortable in how you can finish your finances.

You feel it helps you realize what you want to do professionally?

Wax a said the interest and finance is probably going to be what you will use your whole life.

All the different things that come up in your daily life.

It is a big thing with everything that is owing on, but as far as understanding -- everything that is going on, but as far as understanding, it is a big help.

Facts do you find your players come to you for advice -- do you find your players come to you for advice?

Rex we are having conversations that do not just relate to base all.

-- baseball.

That would be pretty boring.

They are talking about financial markets or politics or whatever is going on.

A lot of people have good ideas, and they are doing good things.

It is fun to hear everyone's it.

-- everyone's if.

-- perspective.

When it comes to the numbers, how much do the numbers appeal to you?

I probably worry about numbers let in anyone.

-- let than anyone -- less than anyone.

That is how players are judged.

They have all your stats every day.

They can find your college dad's and high school stat.

-- stats and high school stats.

That is not what i try to focus on to be successful.

I try to focus on work ethic, my attitude, how good a teammate i can be, all the stuff i can control, and if you do those right stats take care of themselves.

Were early in your career, -- you are early in your career, but you seem like a planner.

I try to read the papers and watch the news, but i do not really know.

Hopefully i will find the ring i love -- find something i love to do.

If it is finance, that would be great.

If it is something else, that would the great.

We have a chance to try to learn more and gain some mix arian -- gain experience.

Maybe there will be an opportunity for me.

If you are interested in hiring paul goldschmidt, we suggest you contact him through the diamondbacks, but the team hopes he will be unavailable to start the internship until early november.

Still ahead, they are racing at daytona.

News on a fast-track facelift right after this.

Get "sportsfolio" wherever you go on the bloomberg app for ipad.

Next, the ceo larry luedtke no -- lucchino.

Check us out at our new time.

Earlier this year we visited daytona speedway and discussed the plan to redesign america's most iconic racetrack.

The manager walked me through the improvement, which would include remodeled entrances and 44 escalators.

In june the company announced it would move forward with the renovation and pay the entire cost, estimated at $400 million . earlier this month daytona hosted the unique and entertaining groundbreaking ceremony, which featured moving tractors through an optical course -- obstacle course . trevor bayne won the contest before racing devote tease.

-- devotees.

Ifc officials say construction will not disrupt the tracks bc

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