Baby Boomers Screwed Up Our Kids: Sinek

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Author Simon Sinek discusses millennials and the possible reasons for the rise in hyperactivity and ADHD in youths with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And they're scattered brains.

We talk about this attention deficit disease, hyperactivity.

You have a theory that the parents are to blame?

Clacks clacks they have contributed.

-- they have contributed.

Adhd is a frontal lobe disorder.

What would account out of the blue that we see this disorder?

It's misdiagnosis.

Distractibility, attention, things like that, they were raised in this world during the 80s and 90s that was basically produced by the baby boomers who came to power.

And what you started to see was a steady dismantling of the systems that kept us in check post-oppression.

There is this -- they have grown up in a selfish environment.

That is when it became popular to use the layoffs to balance the books.

It was not socially acceptable.

As the security blanket was pulled away from people they start looking over their shoulder.

They are told you better look after yourself because no one else will look after you.

They no longer get safety and security.

If they have a bad year, they would rather sacrifice people than say the numbers.

How does that translate into hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder?

You have the rise of social media where everything is instantaneous.

Answers on google, friends are instantaneous.

What we find is that the allure of social media and texting has a hit of dopamine.

It's a high.

It feels good when our friends text us.

We count all the likes.


Did somebody comment?

I just posted a picture.

But how many people like it and forwarded?

But it gives us hits of dopamine.

Other things that give us dopamine is alcohol, drugs.

It you can get addicted to that high.

With the rise of social media not to mention the selfishness, my theory is that it's not adhd.

We are misdiagnosing.

It's an addiction to social media.

The use is becoming a date did to their phones.

They cannot live without it.

They cannot do without it.

We also know that people who spend more time on facebook demonstrate higher rates of depression than people who spend less time.

With the dopamine up and down?

They are not forming real human relationships.

You're comparing your life to the life you perceive others are living.

Everyone is better looking.

Everyone is having more fun.

Those filters on instagram help.

Everybody is happy and my miserable life is part of the problem.

Let me impress you with this.

It's amazing.

Thanks for having me.

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