Auto Sales Slowdown or Just a Hard Winter?

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Travis Okulski, deputy editor at Jalopnik, discusses the Geneva International Motor Show and state of the auto industry with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Off an interview with a comment like that but for you, i will.

What is the biggest trend we need to pay attention to?

I think we need to pay attention to the cars from italy.

The spider version is 100 pounds heavier.

There is a fiat 500 695. even sportier.

New turbo charge for re: -- for erraril; . 1980's. the leader of the eight.


One of the greatest cars ever made.

Traditionally should have a 12 cylinder engine.

Just like a sports coupe should have a stick shift, right?

Not necessarily.

It is a dual clutch.

Barry disappointing.

You also have the cheap renegade, based on a fiat 500. a tiny cheap but i think is incredibly cool looking.

Just a little cj 5? basically like a panda 4 x 4 but is not trail rated.

One thing i have been looking for is a sign that europe will bounce back.

And also, how automakers think march will pan out.

It better be good.

They keep using whether as an excuse.

I feel like that is true.

You asked -- laster was a record year.

You will not see a trend.

Your trend will be longer.

It is not a trend of downward automotive sales.

I think that the bounceback would be ideal.

I think there are smaller cars coming out.

Betty liu pointing out to him this morning.

Pointing out the success with the s class and the more affordable end of the spectrum.

They cannot make enough cars.

Nooks, they cannot.

They beat bmw again.

Front-wheel-drive one series.

A bunch of smaller cars coming out.

I think they will meet her sadie's toe for total with that.

I want to go home and cry when you tell me bmw will have front-wheel-drive cars.

It was a rabbit a couple of years ago.

It said this is why we will make our front -- cars real -- read your wheel drive.

Let me ask you what you think about the report that ford will switch over to blackberry.

All of these great european carmakers apparently use blackberry software for the underpinnings.

Idrive used to be the worst they had ever produced but now it is pretty awesome.

Great to use.

I feel like sink is annoying.

The voice command is the only good thing.

If they get it working correctly, could be a good move.

We will see.

Thank you.

Jeff gordon, deputy editor.

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