ARM Holdings 2Q Sales Beat Estimates

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July 22 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports earnings for the world’s leading semiconductor supplier on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Earnings from the world's leading semi conductor ip supply . it is arm holdings.

It looks like it is in line.

17% increase in the second quarter sales.

16% for the first half of the year.

It seems to be licensed design that is bringing in the money.

Up 42% year on year.

Licenses are half of their business.

Selling the original idea of the design.

Licensing that design to a company such as apple and mobile phone device makers out there.

This is where this company is focusing on new designs they say have been ramping up.

Clearly lesser being used in the grants game of things.

-- grand scheme of things.

How much are they employing this chip, how much the samsung -- does samsung use an arm chip?we we have seen a decrease in roytal -- royalties.

They have sold 41 since is in the second quarter taking them up to 1100 licenses that have been signed.

The growth is there for new types of devices.

We have our thermostats connected to the internet.

You have cookery equipment connected to the internet and a smart watch.

All these need tiny, powerful chips and they need new designs.

This is where arm is taking a lead.

Ramping up in terms of license designs and their margins so their profitability has been improving.

They are sounding pretty buoyant about their second half of the year.

There was talk about the industrial internet.

Not the internet of things in the home but in an industrial setting.

Engine manufacturers talking about putting all kinds of monitoring equipment on different parts of the engine.

This really big theme in industry getting away from the home.

Investor said rolls-royce is the biggest known internet of things company.

Let's get to ig group.

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