Are Patents Boring? And Why We Should Care

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- MCAM Founder and Chairman David Martin discusses the patent wars between Apple and Samsung on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

They are tired of the story.

Why should we still care?

Why we should care is because the feature-based patents, which are the basis of these litigations, have been blown up by the supreme court ruling in the alice ascase.

So the utility of the function, or the user feature set, that world is largely blowing up.

Thankfully we are done in many instances with the risk of the ongoing nature of these tiresome wars.

And this part of the war is probably over.

What is next in terms of apple and samsung's relationship?

They are partners in many ways, but huge competitors.

The question is going to be where do things go from the standpoint of the next iteration of what mobile devices are going to look like.

Various people are looking at the fact apple and samsung are going to have to deal with higher resolution of screens, greater function in terms of the technology rather than the application and feature space.

That is a space where apple is going to do a lot of acquisitions and samsung is going to lean on its partnerships in a shed to come up with better ways to get miniature antenna -- in asia to come up with better ways to get miniature antennas.

All right, we will be watching that, especially keeping a close eye on the

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