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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- NFL legend Archie Manning comments on the big business of NFL and NCAA football, what he learned during his time at the University of Mississippi, and his approach to fatherhood. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Archie manning built a life in football, with 14 years in the nfl.

Now he is the chairman of the national football foundation, and was named the coach of the year in the fourth subdivision of ncaa football.

I talked about what he learned as a rebel at the university of mississippi, and the perks of fatherhood, raising his sons, eli, peyton, and cooper manning.

We just try to raise good kids, and somewhere around the line, they loved playing sports, played a lot of sports, with a goal to play college football.

Peyton played at tennessee and eli at old miss, and they were able to play football.

As a former player, and as a father, what about this whole image of injuries on the field?

Tackling in football right now, i understand this.

I have some good friends who have dealt with concussion issues, people who have been affected but i think in all aspects of football they try to address that and the nfl is doing everything they can to make things safer.

I think that colleges are doing the same thing, with high schools and youth football, to make sure that we get back.

I think football is a great game and there are a lot of life lessons there to play the game of football that the game has to be safe.

It has to start in the high schools, getting back to teaching the right way to tackle, not just missiles and spears and the head-to-head thing.

I think that football is addressing that.

As they try to get that right, has the environment of playing football changed to the point where this is a commercial enterprise first, and a sport second?

The nfl is very successful.

If you look at their brand and their product and the number of people that go to games, the corporate people and box suites, to entertain the people, the super bowl and the television ratings, this was huge.

The nfl has a great job and college football is a great institution.

I live in the south and a hundred thousand people go to alabama every weekend to watch a college or game.

107,000. as many parts of the country in texas, they have 140,000 people watching high school football.

This is a wonderful institution that has been under -- but college and the professional level, this is big business.

It has created the debate about whether college at leeds should be compensated in some way.

I can understand people bringing that up.

I am not speaking on behalf of liberty mutual.

I personally don't think the players need to be paid.

I think the college education is its own reward and if players go to college and slow down a little bit.

Enjoy this college experience.

Most players are not going to go into professional football.

This is a big journey to play college football.

Enjoy that, your teammates and your coaches, trying to have those good experiences, but the main thing is to get a degree and a college education and do something later in life.

The relationships that you formed in college foot allstate with you your whole life?

Four of my best friends and life are guys i played college football with.

I talk to them every week.

We didn't win the championship in virginia, but we spent four years together, most of us started dating our current wives at that time, we have a wonderful experience with good traditions at old miss, as far as football.

We went to class and we studied, and now our kids are friends with each other, so this was, i think that college football is under attack a little bit but this -- there are far more rewards than danger.

Respond to the notion of the single player first is the team.

You have to understand that this is absolutely -- 18 game.

This is not always because of one person.

I think it is good for kids to play a lot of different sports.

I don't think you should specialize at 10 years old.

And lets you are a prodigy in tennis.

Parents should not get involved in this, trying to train their kid to be the next michael jordan because he is good at 10 years old and basketball.

If you play a lot of sports this is good.

Along the line, if you are playing tennis and golf, these are individual sports.

You have to go out there and compete with baseball and basketball and hockey.

These are team sports and that is one of the great lessons that you learned in sports, teamwork.

Most of the time, that is what we are in the business world.

You are on a team.

The people who don't know the concepts or appreciate the concepts of teamwork and leadership, they are not going to be successful in business.

My thanks to nfl legend archie manning.

Vote for the liberty mutual coach of the year award, this is

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