Apple Said to Near Time Warner Cable TV Deal

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Apple is nearing a deal with Time Warner Cable to give subscribers of the cable television service access to channels via Apple TV, people with knowledge of the negotiations said. Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Okay, we have some headlines crossing involving time warner cable and apple.

For the details we want to go to jon erlichman, joining us from los angeles.

Walk us through this news.

Let's start with this potential deal between apple and time warner cable.

As we wait for their potential next-generation television they have a hockey puck box called apple tv.

They have signed up a lot more media players in recent months.

The nfl is one of the more recent examples, access to that content if you are already paid subscriber to those various services.

Bloomberg news is reporting that apple may be getting closer, within months, to a deal with time warner cable where, again, the idea is if you are a cable subscriber, you can get access to some of that content on apple tv.

They may be showing more of a willingness to work with in the pay-tv world that already exists.

There is a lot that goes into the negotiations as part of what they will offer if they give in to the business in a bigger way.

Speaking of negotiations, they are also reporting that a senior executive at hulu is joining apple to help with content negotiations, dovetailing into another hulu story right now, the potential sale of the company.

At&t, part of one of the bids, they have their own market negotiating team.

Perhaps for a guy like pete, this executive may not have known what his role would be once they were potentially sold and apple came calling with an offer.

Two developing stories, interesting in the converging worlds.

One not just have an apple tv?

Why do you need to partner with the likes of time warner?

Is this admitting that they cannot really do it on their own?

I think it is really, really tricky.

Think back to the success that apple had with the itunes and ipod, it was a different situation where the music industry was watching all of their music given away through services that will allow people to basically just highjack the music.

This case is a different situation.

This is still a very profitable media industry where there are concerns about court cutting, etc., but there is a strong infrastructure in place.

There is no doubt that they have the ability to come up with a television that would wow you, but if they do not have the content you are used to, people will pout about that.

We will see where it goes from there.

Jon erlichman, thank you very

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