Apple's New iPhones, iPads: What to Expect

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Apple plans to introduce new versions of the iPhone and iPad in time for the holiday shopping season, seeking to entice shoppers who delayed purchases amid a dearth of new models so far this year. Adam Satariano reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Each year apple has developed its cadence, they getting back loaded with a new product.

The ipad, ipad mini, iphones on tap to come out in time for the holiday.

How is it different?

It will have a thinner bezel , in some ways it will be a modest design refresh.

Whether it is going to get people out to buy it, we will have to wait and see.

Larry ellison was on cbs speaking about apple without steve jobs.

I want you to take a listen.

Apple with steve jobs, we saw apple without steve jobs.

Now we are going to see apple without steve jobs.

Is the new ipad going to be enough to revive the feeling and apple, the cool factor?

I am sure people will say the same thing about oracle with or without larry ellison.

This is something apple has been dealing with since he died.

It adds a little have to wonder this sunday like larry ellison, who is a friend of steve jobs.

Apple is going to be releasing these new products and tim cook has indicated it is going to last through next year and they have some new product categories . maybe a television, all sorts of things.

Everybody is waiting and yet we have no evidence they are actually happening.

What about the new iphone?

Is it just an upgrade?

Is a cheaper?

What is coming?

There is a lot of speculation.

It is certainly thing looked at and whether or not apple is going to do it because this can get them into a lot of markets where less expensive devices that use android have done better.

That is a wave for apple to penetrate those markets a little bit more.

Are these going to be cheaper?

Apple will maintain the same prices they have had.

Where they would come in with a less expensive model, we do not know.

A lot of this is for markets that do not have the prepaid stuff we have in the united states where if you sign for a two-year contract, you get a subsidy.

These phones would be geared toward areas where that plan is not available.

We talked last week about apple losing market share in china and the guest i had on spoke about how apple has lost its cool factor in china.

Now samson, looks like they are trying to preempt apple's event.

Has apple lost its cool?

These products will show if people will be watching what the marketing campaign will be and what the buzz is going to be, what is going to be the tricks the phone has.

Whether or not it captures the imagination and makes people want to buy millions of them, a lot of people think apple is going to have a record quarter.

They have been discounted and they will exceed expectations.

Whether or not they can do that is up for them to unveil.

Apple still dominates the

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