Apple & Microsoft’s Rockstar to Sell Patents

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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) –- MCAM Founder & Chairman David Martin discusses the possible sale of some of the Nortel Network patents by the Rockstar Consortium. He speaks to Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

That -- you have been predicting something like this since the day i met you.


It's always funny because you will recall after some of our early conversations, number of people said we grossly misrepresented how much overpaying had happened on the rockstar portfolio, just like we talked about the overpaying that dougal paid on the motorola portfolio.

The reason why there's a dispute between our view and the consensus view is we looked look at the actual patents themselves.

The problem rockstar has is that there are some very good patents in the portfolio but of the 4000, close to three quarters of them would have a hard time standing up to a true, unmitigated and unadulterated view of a re-examination process.

One of the terrible pieces of news for the rockstar consortium is michele lee -- i want to talk to you about the new head of the patent office has a job that wasn't working for apple or microsoft.

She worked -- for google.

That is not good news.

The funny thing is, a lot of people don't realize there are two mechanisms the patent office has for the re-imagination of the patents.

One is outside parties.

In addition, a director of the patent office can institute director re-examination and who knows?

Maybe there would be a special interest on the part of a director who has made very public statements about wanting to deal with patent quality issues and, by the way, she will do a fine job because she's one of the first directors to call attention to the patent quality issues.

A lot of the portfolio could be subject to re-examination by third parties as well as the direct to reexam.

It rupert -- it represents value to the nortel portfolio because there's no chance there patents in their entirety would be upheld.

The risks are going up for consortium members.

Are the patents nortel had, would they have been more valuable for small companies or big companies like this consortium?

They probably would have done more defensive cover for the smaller companies.

Added to the already tens of thousands of patents held by microsoft and apple, they did very little incremental improvement.

With blackberry on the potential sale block, finding out its patent did not have the value it wanted her tensile -- its potential sale, all of these stakeholders are realizing they probably bought a whole bunch of paper and they did not necessarily get the value for the sale.

Interesting stuff, as always.

His diction came true once

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