Americans Waste One-Third of Food Bought

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March 7 (Bloomberg) -- USDA Director of Sustainable Development Elise Golan discusses the amount of food wasted in the U.S. each year on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The u.s., why is no one talking about this?

Food is wasted for a lot of reasons.

Sometimes it is as silly as consumers to not like to eat that carrot or the apple that is bulbous.

It could be as simple as i put some carrots in the refrigerator and had to throw them away because i did not do the recipe.

This is across the food supply system.

Estimates that came out from the economic research service, just camme i wasn't estimates.

That is retailers, restaurants, and households.

It came out with 30% of the food that is intended for human consumption in this country does not make it to our plates or does not make it from our played into our mouth.

It is lost in the food supply system.

I have to ask you as a professional who follows this, were you staggered as well about that amount, $161 billion worth of food?

That amount is astonishing.

133 billion pounds of food is wasted.

161 alien dollars, that is money that is left on the table.

It is on the sidewalk in chicago waiting for someone to pick it up.

It is a wake-up call, a challenge for businesses.

Entrepreneurs across the country to say what can we do, what kind of solutions can we bring to the table to reduce that food loss and waste, either reduce it or be more efficient about getting it to households, communities, families that could use it and keeping it out of our landfills.

Are their new systems and technologies being developed and utilized to reverse this?


There are entrepreneurs and innovators who are stepping up to this challenge.

In 2010 to hear about getting food from where x is wholesome food is available and getting it to the people that need it.

Fitting -- in 2010, donated food served 2.7 billion meals.

And a company that did food recovery after the super bowl, they got it to soup kitchens and pantries in the area.

The food waste challenge was lost.

How does that -- what does that involve and how have the results been?

The food waste challenge, there is something we could be doing.

It is an incredible economic opportunity.

He joined with environmental protection agency to challenge businesses across this country to join with usda and epa and reducing, recovering, recycling food loss and waste.

For any business out there, if you are doing your part, please let us know what we are doing.

Join the food waste challenge.

We will list you on our website.

The massive list of cuts to the food stamp program, do they give your job more urgency?

How many families could be helped if simple steps were taken?

It is hard to know but though statistics coming out of feeding america, those groups are inspiring and they tell us that there is something we can do to help reduce waste in this country and get to the people who could use it.

The director of sustainable

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