Adelson Turns Into Key Obama Ally on Syria

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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Mattingly reports on the support that President Obama is getting on Syria from political adversary Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson. Mattingly reports on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

I am erik schatzker, you're watching a special edition of "market makers." we are awaiting a house foreign affairs committee hearing into the president's request for congressional authority to attack or conduct a limited attack on the syrian regime a president bashar al-assad.

The president himself to talking about obama, isn't the only guy putting on a full-court press over syria.

There is plenty of lobbying owing on.

I have to imagine the potential for military strike and anything associated with that is making for some strange bedfellows, you might say.

It is.

If you would've told someone last journey obama administration that sheldon adelson was in the midst of pouring within $70 million in the campaigns against obama would end up being one of their key supporters in a troubled initiative, i think they would probably all laugh you out of the white house.

That is where we stand right now.

This has brought out a different group of alliances and underlies with what the white house is going through.

They cannot go with the usual coalitions as they try to push forward this authorization for force.

There are some groups that would never be aligned with your now behind them, and some groups are usually like progressive groups are shying away from them, pushing against them.

Is it is a difficult -- it is a difficult and complex line.

Outline what everybody wants.

It is i think unseen when something like this occurs, the lobbying campaigns are no different from thomas a, wall street reform or energy reform or something along those lines.

What you're seeing with adelson, in particular, he is a board member of a very powerful group, 40 5000 members, they sent out an action alert yesterday saying we need support for the obama administration's authorization.

The reason is protection for israel and the implications for iran's nuclear weapons.

On the progressive side, they're saying no one has made a firm case as why you enter into a conflict with syria.

These are groups that were posted the iraq war as well.

Not unlike golden sex wishing for derivatives loopholes -- goldman sachs pushing for derivatives to polls, lawmakers are calling them in their calling lawmakers.

It will probably be a full days before we see the full senate or the full house on the resolution, however that ends up being written.

Are you seeing any early indications yet of how lawmakers , say on the senate foreign relations committee or armed forces committee or even the house foreign affairs committee, how they are responding to these lobbying efforts?

Is interesting to watch.

You can watch as different lawmakers, based upon who the constituencies are, the questions they're asking the administration officials but also what is interesting is the people waiting to commit.

They are waiting -- as you said, it is early in the process.

They want to see how these interest groups come out.

Top pro-israel groups like aipac , those groups coming out.

Did and in support of this, certainly helpful to the administration's cause.

In the house, you have a strong conservative flock, they're watching heritage committee, cato institute, folks like that the seed not only if they're going to come out against this, but if they're going to count their votes against the mat in of the year ratings.

There is a lot of wait and see, undecided lawmakers.

These hearings are great picture as you start to see through the questions where lawmakers mines are starting to set for next week's vote.

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