ACA Popularity to Grow With Understanding: Daschle

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Former Senator Tom Dashcle, senior policy advisor at DLA Piper, examines the Affordable Care Act and the nuclear agreement with Iran reached over the weekend. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Systems the company is putting in place to make sure nothing like those february fires happened again.

You also spoke about when he got the call to take the ceo job.

What did he tell you?

It came from the company's lead director at carnival.

Coming up next, why he did not say yes right away.

It took him a couple of days to decide.

Looking forward to it, carol.

When we come back, obamacare in focus.

We will give you the ascription for survival for the plan from former senator tom daschle.

And bowling going upscale.

Expansion will be the topic of our discussion with the ceo of lucky strike.

And more from bono about and aids-free generation.

? and you are watching "in the loop" live on bloomberg television, streaming at

Acceptance remains unclear on the president's new health care policy.

Capitol hill rocked by new senate rules that would allow the white house to confirm residential nominees, including district of columbia supreme court -- district judges.

With rain now is tom daschle, former secretary of state.

So good to have you with us this morning.

So good to have you with us.

What needs to be done for obamacare to move forward successfully?

The most important thing is to fix the technical glitches to make sure it runs smoothly when people sign up.

We are in for a huge amount of traffic on monday.

We are expecting the unprecedented numbers that we had hoped for before almost all arriving after thanksgiving.

Those glitches have to be fixed.

Do you think the glitches are the most important reason why the program is so unpopular so far?

I think it is unpopular because people simply do not appreciate what it means for them.

People have to know what it actually entails, how they will be affected, what positives will come from it.

The fact that they will not be dropped, they will not see any of the limits, no more pre- existing condition issues.

All of that is not appreciated yet because it does not kick in until january 1. when it does, i expect the program to be much more popular.

How would you have changed the plan, what would you have done differently?

There probably should have been more integration, testing, more transparency through the process, but that is history.

What we have to be sure of now is that this works, that we can find ways to get over these humps.

We know other technical problems have existed with other programs like medicare.

We know we can get through it.

We just have to prove that is possible and be ready for the onslaught that could be coming next week.

Knowing washington and as you do, does kathleen sebelius have to take the fall for these problems?

Know one person is responsible for any success we appreciate or responsible we have two indoor -- responsibility we have to endure.

I would not be for removing kathleen at any point in the near future.

We need her badly.

We need the program to work, and i think it will.

Hard to have you on this morning and not talk about this agreement with iran.

We were just speaking to a republican congressman who was against the deal as it stands now.

What is your take?

Six months is not too long to wait to see if this works.

I do not know what the alternative is.

Sanctions have not worked to the extent we wanted them to.

This is a chance to come to a long-lasting solution.

We need bipartisan support for the process.

This should be the approaches that both parties take today.

So you do not have a necessity from iran saying we are giving up all weapons capabilities?

This is just the first in a series of steps that need to be taken.

That is all it is.

Six months of negotiation, clarification, and a rate nation we have to go farther.

I know that you know john kerry well.

This would not have happened without him.

He has been incredibly successful, and enormously effective as a secretary of state.

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