A U.S.-EU Trade Deal Would Promote Growth: Reinsch

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- William Reinsch, president of the National Foreign Trade Council, discusses the U.S.-EU trade talks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thank you.

The goal of the partnership is to stimulate growth on both sides of the atlantic.

Let's talk about timing.

The u.s. is still faced with high unemployment.

The jobless rate in the euro zone is crippling sovereign economies.

It is now the time for this type of deal?

I think so.

In the situation we're in right now, we need to do a lot of things.

It will help on both sides.

It will take a while to get it finished.

We're talking about this.

What issues stand in the way of the completion of the deal?

This is one of the ironies.

There are things like that.

At the end of the day, the difficult issues always end up being agriculture.

There are some really old issues that we have been arguing.

We do not take their beef.

They would save billions of dollars if they could design.

This is not in tariff reductions.

It is in harmonizing mutual recommendations.

The field of free trade deals was littered with those who died.

What are the bigger proposals?

This is not guaranteed.

This is driving the thing with the transpacific partnership.

Is is essential if we combine forces, create a larger market.

This is what is driving the train.

Is making a different.

What is the official position?

Are these reasonably available?

You said it will take a while for this.

I think the eu wants to finish optimistic.

If you give the transpacific one, these things take a while.

There is a lot at stake.

They make sure that both sides there are more winners than losers.

We have a good negotiator.

He knows the deal.

You talk about winners and losers.

Where would this lead?

If they want to have a greater access to the combined market, they are going to need to meet the standards.

I think they will.

This will a common ailments whatever the rules are.

He just spoke about middle- class consumers.

We do not have enhance

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