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April 2 (Bloomberg) –- Panmure Gordon Market Commentator David Buik discusses Asos’ latest earnings and his strategy for the rest of the week with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Where to start question some earnings.

But start with -- let's start with asos.

It is a company we have always liked.

Nic robertson is a forward thinking man.

He got the message that a lot of guys like me do not get.

It is about being online and getting people what they want.

They had a setback at the been in this year.

Shares lost 50% -- 15%. but they are up 56% for the year three the problem -- year.

The trouble is the bar is set high.

People are easily upset.

How does this play into market expectations?

Markets are not far from all-time highs on some of these indices.

Where does this fit for the beginning of the second quarter?

Let's look at the states to start with.

16 500 is the highest point for the dow.

In earnings -- the ftse 13 and change.

Maybe a bit of scope there.

But they keep dragging us down.

What i am saying is when we start with based -- the second quarter earnings, for that and it's -- indice to crack, they have to be exceptional results.

Has that winter really taken its toll?

Looking at the pmi figures, it would appear the matter is in hand.

If that is the case, ok.

But janet yellen was pretty dovish.

She said, you need us.

We are there.

Much more about unemployment and the experience of unemployment.

Talking about that is the dumbest thing.

-- dovish thing.

Facing second quarter earnings.

In terms of the macro agenda, we have the jobs report of the u.s.. are you expecting the weather affects to actually boost the numbers?

We are quite surprised at the forecast.

The private sector.

Last month's was 139,000 jobs.

They are expecting 193,000 for the month of march.

You scratch the back of your head.

We have to remember the u.s. is by -- very diverse.

We still have that temporarily unemployment thing.

It is not solid.

You could lose your job at the drop of a hat during nonfarm payrolls, the last speaker was 175,000. for march, that is very rich if they achieve it.

Just briefly, the ecb meets on thursday.

Are you expecting further action?

Action to the degree that deflation is a big worry.

I don't think negative interest rates are on the agenda.

Overseas bonds are on the agenda.

On the move is a -- up next.

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