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Oct 8 (Bloomberg) -- Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider discusses Hurricane season and the potential impact of tropical storm Karen on Gulf of Mexico oil production. She spoke on Oct. 4 with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bonnie schneider.

What's the latest on the strength and track of the storm?

The center of the storm is 235 miles to the southwest of the mouth of the mississippi.

It's a fairly large storms so we will see tropical storm force winds impacting the region as early as the enter -- overnight hours.

The satellite perspective shows a lot of the energy being pushed to the northeast due to strong wind sweeping and drier air from the western gulf of mexico.

That is the burst of red areas where we are getting the higher cloud tops showing the stronger storm.

There is a bit of a slowdown in landfall is expected sometime saturday evening and a time from louisiana and as far east as florida.

We have a tropical storm warning in effect from morgan city, louisiana, to the mouth of the pearl river.

There was a hurricane watch for the region but that has been lifted because it looks like the maximum wind at 50 miles an hour will stay tropical storm force strength but i want to know this is still a strong storm and an expensive one at that.

One year ago this month the superstorm sandy hit the east coast.

Should people and damaged areas be concerned about karen?

Not too much.

As we go into the first part of next week, the storm's moisture will push further across the southeast so cities like birmingham and atlanta will experience rainfall.

By the time he gets up to new york and new jersey will not the as intense.

Sandy hit at the end of october.

With hurricane season in the force we have to keep our guard up as it's not over yet.

What kind of impact will tropical storm karen have on the oil industry?

We have already seen the evacuations from major companies like shell and bp for nonessential workers.

The storm, i mentioned, was large.

A tropical storm force winds greater than 39 miles per hour they extend out 100 or the miles from the storm center, a large area of the gulf of mexico -- extend out 140 miles from the storm center.

Storm surges and all of that could impact oil production.

This is a slower moving storm than it was yesterday with movement in the northwest at seven miles an hour so this will sit in the gulf over the weekend as a gradually makes landfall.

We will see some not so great weather so we're looking at a few days of disturbed weather in the gulf.

Will this effectively marked the end of hurricane season?

It might although it actually goes to her november 30. sandy brought us to the end of october last year so you cannot say it's over until it really is.

Meteorologist in bloomberg contributor bonnie schneider joining us from atlanta.


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