A Look at Technology Trends for Small Business

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- J2 Vice President of marketing Mike Pugh discusses the small business economy with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joins me now from los angeles.

Welcome to the broadcast.


You for having me on the show.

Before we get to the survey, your company provides internet services through its two divisions.

Tell us about the business cloud services and digital media.

Our intent is to provide companies ways of moving their back office to the cloud so they can be more efficient.

Our brands include keep it safe and a number of other tools.

On the digital media side, we have pc mag and others and they provide great content to consumers and great advertising opportunities.

Interesting when you use the word fax in the 21st century.

It is incredibly strong in the back office of every business, ranging from a guy with a startup in his garage to the biggest companies in america.

When it comes to moving moneys around, whether it invoices, contracts, fax are still at the core of the way a business works.

Taking it mobile with mobile apps on different cloud solutions and can send digital signatures but don't need a fax machine.

How was the cloud transforming the way small business works?

Imagine if you and i decided to go rogue and start our own business.

10 years ago, we would need to get office space, a fax machine and cass -- cash register.

If you and i wanted to do it tonight, we could go online and get a business phone number and get a fax number and set up a website and do everything we need so that when we got up, we would have a fully functional virtual business.

You could be a bit east coast, i could be a west coast that we could be up and running in hours.

Let's talk about the semi annual survey.

What stood out at your end of your survey?

Businesses really want to save money.

One of the ways they can do that is to move to the cloud.

80% of them wanted to move their business solutions into the cloud area if they can get them out of the office and into the cloud, they save more money and they can do business on the road or from home.

They can have the cord.

What about social media?

What is its role in all of this?

Will it be the next big thing in marketing?

There tends to be something new and hot all the time, but facebook has risen to the top.

We are finding respondents are tying their facebook together with e-mail.

So it's a good combo for 2013. what are your biggest concerns for 2014? what we saw from our respondents is as much as they saw, moving things to the cloud, moving things because of the affordable care act creates a cloud of uncertainty they are constantly trying to navigate.

A lot of businesses said they want to take better care of themselves.

They may not be able to take -- they have to take a deep wrath when the stress of business gets to them or be able to work in some exercise.

So we see their micro response as taking better care of

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