3D Printing Spurs “Maker Movement” Revolution

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Jessie Harrington Au, program manager maker at Autodesk, talks with Ryan Chilcote about how 3D printing is giving people the ability to replace items in their home by making it themselves. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


Let's continue to cost -- to talk technology.

Ryan is standing by at the exhibition and joins us now.


I am joined by jesse harrington.

He is from autodesk and he knows more about the 3-d printing than anybody.

He is an advocate of the maker movement.

That is where i want to start the conversation.

You make the software that allows people to make the product.

Let's start by explaining what is the maker movement.

You can take back the things in your life.

You can create the things in your life.

You can create the solutions like hinges.

You can create them in your home or local workshop.

How many people are in this maker movement?

Our software runs all the way around the world.

The stuff was printed with your software?

It was printed with a product called 1-2-3-d press.

Is 3-d printing a threat to manufacturing?

I don't think so.

Manufacturers need prototypes.

We can prototype faster.

If this becomes more of a manufacturing solution, then we can customize things that we have never been able to before.

We were speaking yesterday about customization, that is how you see this changing business.

Everyone wants to be an individual and creative.

To be creative, it would be great to go on a site and instead of by a normal phone, be able to customize it.

That is kind of what we got with nike id -- is this an extension of that?

Those ideas yes -- those ideas you can customize your colors, your laces.

Why don't we customize the entire shape to fit your hands and your pop -- personality?

Isn't a gimmick?

-- is it a gimmick?

I disagree.

It is a new tool.

It will be used in a new way over the future.

How long are we from -- when does it get big?

Do you need like apple or google to make a much bigger?

Companies are starting to join.

We are just at the crest of being able to get very large.

Hp said they might look into 3-d printing.

Staples is starting to carry 3-d printers.

We are looking at a mass market.

Looking into a crystal ball -- the 3-d printing world in 10 years -- or will it be?

Everyone will have one in their home or your going to be able to order a customized part from your favorite retailer and have it sent to you.

My 10-year-old wants to 3-d print his only goes -- his own legos.

That's a threat to legos?

They don't have to worry about manufacturing and shipping.

They're looking at sharing

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