2014 Will See a Cyclical Rebound: Reinhart

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Morgan Stanley Chief U.S. Economist Vincent Reinhart discusses his call on U.S. economic growth on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Market solutions, we saw that in the u.s., the dow breaking 16,000. can this momentum sustained?

Oppenheimer studios, i spoke with chief u.s. economist at morgan stanley and head of research for alan greenspan.

I asked about his current call on u.s. growth.

In the neighborhood of 2% in terms of our potential.

In our own forecast, 2014 is going to see the cyclical rebound.

Lots of policy accommodation, we have made a level adjustment associated with the financial crisis, politicians will get out of the way.

It is a year divisible by 2. we will pick up to something like 2 3/4%.

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