The A-Rod Lawsuit: Is It Just a PR Stunt?

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) –- Winston and Strawn Partner David Greenspan discusses Alex Rodriguez’s lawsuit against Major League baseball. He speaks with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's talk about alex rodriguez.

Is he creating an avenue for players to, i guess, back door the arbitration -- the arbitration proceedings?

According to alex rodriguez's lawyers at the lawsuit is separate from the arbitration.

He is not trying to stop the arbitration.

He is not presently trying to overturn any arbitration decision that could come down the pike.

It is about money.

He says the two proceedings are separate.

You can't say it is about reputation and money at the same time?

Reputation is worth money.

That is what the suit is about.

In essence he says this is a witch hunt orchestrated by major league a small, and the commissioner himself, to interfere with rodriguez's ability to make money whether on the field through his contract with the yankees or off the field through endorsements and the like.

Is this just a one-off that caters to rodriguez's unique situation or is this something baseball players in his position or something like it could use in the future?

I will say this.

The accusations that rodriguez makes in his complaint -- "witchhunt" would be the right characterization.

There are some pretty sordid facts.

In essence it needs -- it pays the picture of a leak and the commissioner assessed with the vilifying rodriguez -- it paints the picture of a leak and the commissioner assessed with vilifying rodriguez.

What about the fact that he is questioning part of this, questioning the way major league baseball operates?

Major league baseball is not a paragon of transparency or equanimity, is it?

Know, and i think that might be part of the legal strategy -- no, and i think that might be part of the legal strategy to take the arbitration out of the closed doors and into a courtroom where i'm sure that the rodriguez team hopes everyone will be able to play by the same rules.

That would be a matter of rewriting the bargaining process.

That is certainly a position major league baseball is going to take.

I think what you will see is major league baseball is going to transfer -- what is called remove the case from state court to federal court.

You will see a motion to dismiss.

Essentially they will say to the judge, even if you do not -- even if you believe everything in this case, it does not make it claim.

What you think will happen with this case?

I would not be surprised to see the case as currently formulated -- it will be heard?

It will be heard.

There will be an argument as to whether it should be thrown into the arbitration, does the federal court have the jurisdiction to hear this?

If rodriguez is being railroaded the way it is alleged in this complaint, there is a case to be made and it may be a basis to throw out an arbitration award once that comes.

But the collective bargaining process is not perfect.

At the same time it has served of the players extremely well.

Where should the players union be on this?

I think the players union should be supportive of the players, and in this case rodriguez, and making sure the process is fair and evenhanded and carried out the way it should be.

How much of this is a publicity stunt on the part of rodriguez?

If you are a-rod, you want to be on the cover of "the new york post" anyway.


I think he is on the cover.

But changing -- the people who are camped out on park avenue, paid by the rodriguez team to do that.

Now what we're talking about is a witchhunt and serious allegations of improper i do buy major league baseball.

In that respect, it is the ability for a-rod to change the discussion to what he wants to talk about.

What we have to see to see major league baseball give some ground here?

I'm not sure i follow.

Is there anything in the complaint that rodriguez and his law years might be holding back that would force major league baseball into a settlement, or something that does not go entirely their way?

I think what is going to be the critical juncture in this case, major league baseball is going to try to get it thrown out at the beginning.

If they do not six feet, then the case is -- -- if they do not succeed, then the cases -- wide open.

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