Pipeline Won’t Impact Climate Change: Report

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Phil Mattingly reports on a key report from the State Department that finds that the Keystone Pipeline, if it will be built, will not add much to climate change, angering some of the environmentalist opponents. He speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Keystone pipeline, tell us exactly what came out today?

What did we learn?

This was the final report from the state department that everybody was looking to.

The final report said what supporters of the keystone pipeline wanted to, -- wanted it to, that there would be minimal environmental impact.

Listen to what transcanada ceo just said on a conference call.

We know that our opponents will make all kinds of claims, but no matter how much noise they make him a or how much information -- misinformation they spread, this project will be a benefit, and have little impact on the garment.

That is a goal that we all share.

Opponents are going to make noise, and that will not stop anytime soon.

The key take away is that this is a key report, but it is not the final report.

There is another 90 day comment.

Period, and then it will all end up on president barack obama some point in the future.

Will we get more invest igation?

Rightnow what they're going to look at is a broader national impact.

They will look at how this guideline impact the relationship between canada and the united it's. it's energy security issues.

There are a lot of issues they are going to look into, it is not done yet.

The state department, and other agencies will continue their review.

They said today that john kerry has not read the review yet, or made a determination.

Both environmentalists and supporters of this project say this will come down whether barack obama will approve this like the canadian government and many rational republicans want to see, or support his environmentalists on his side.

Today is not only marking the

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