`Gravity' Still Flying High

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Erik Schatzker reports on today's top tech headlines on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

I'm erik schatzker.

This is "market makers yuriko we have some "bloomberg west" tech headlines for you.

Cheers for sap are rising today.

They're reporting increased revenue from cloud and database services and reiterated its or your service.

"gravity" is defined gravity.

The film starring george clooney and sandra bullock was tops for the third straight weekend, taking in $31 million.

I next weekend, it should have a gross of more than $300 million worldwide.

"captain phillips" came in second again.

A milestone for netflix -- it is about to pass hbo in the number of paid u.s. subscribers.

Those are the ones that really count.

Netflix probably has 30 million paying u.s. comforters at the end of last month area -- customers at the end of last month.

For more, i want to bring in the president and founder of gaston media and the former chairman of nbc universal tv

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