`Get On Up’: James Brown Biopic to Hit Theaters

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July 10 (Bloomberg) –- Imagine Entertainment Chairman Brian Grazer discusses “Get On Up,” his new James Brown biopic and the future of “Arrested Development.” He speaks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You are always very active.

Last year we spoke to you, we spoke to you and -- two and a half hours with a friend of mine, the chairman of activision, my girlfriend, several other luminaries down i'm going to try to shoot clay pigeons.

Let me get some movies or something.

There is always a lot on the go.

Get on up, the james brown biopic.

Are you ready?

It is for theaters near you.

We are premiering it at the apollo theater.

Think of the apollo, you think of james brown.

Sadly, that was where his funeral was.

On the 21st of this month, but i have worked on this story for 12 years, a long time.

I'm glad you say that because people will see the billboards and they will say, oh, james brown, great idea.

Why didn't they do that sooner?

You are in the production business.

You have been pursuing the story for a long time.

Tell us about when you have an idea, the time between that is interesting and actually getting something from the big screen.

Usually it is quicker than 12 years.

"a beautiful mind" might have taken eight years.

Rush was quick, american gangster was pretty quick.

It was hard to find a narrative for doing the james brown story.

You are if so rich -- showing the extreme highs of his life.

Very powerful.

Answer very extreme lows.

Of course, he went to jail for a short time.

We had some rough times.

He grew up in a completely impoverished environment in every way possible.

For you, a 12 year process, what is the secret of getting through that?

Is it simply patients?

Is a force of will, it is a force of will because you are constantly changing perspective and movies, changing the perspective in which the character is integrated into the film.

Is it a love story, is it a linear story?

In our case it is kind of a mosaic.

It starts up when he is young and it goes to when he is old.

It shows eight unbelievable performances.

I did produce this movie with mick jagger.

I had this for 10 years and then lost the rights when james brown died and a year later, mick jagger ended up with the rites because not only was he a big fan of james brown and knew him through a musical supervisor that also represents the rolling stones and i believe the beatles library, now represents the james brown estate, we were able to come together and make it together.

The back story, you are doing film, always doing tv, you're making a bigger push into digital, we were the first to report on new forms, you and ron howard, discovers one of the factors, and actually, you unveiled some creators which will be coming through your channel, your channels.

What are you thinking about?

Are you still approaching this video, this content the same way you think about what is a good story for film?

Well, they are scripted.

Ultimately, anyone that makes movies, television or digital, you have to be able to create or re-create an emotional experience that will connect or ignite an emotional experience in others.

So, whether it is one minute or three minutes or 22 minutes or 48 minutes, you have to do that.

As far as our company, we are owners, participants in that way and we will guide things into life that we don't personally make those short pieces.

But you have to have sexy subjects.

We announced today that we do have some sexy subjects and then you have to have sustainable characters.

He mentioned arrested development.

I was grilling you last year about we announced that they were doing it.

Can you give us an update on what is going on?

I know that everybody wants to do it again.

It is very hard to do it only in that the actors are all stars themselves and you have to create just a production schedule that will accommodate the architecture of everybody's life, but everybody has the desire, foxx and netflix to want to do that.

I think the last time, netflix is killing it.

We had this same conversation last year when i think i asked you what kind of metrics you get from them and you said, the same ones you get.

We are not exactly sure how money people are watching.

The general perception is, you just chug along.

They seem to be doing rather well and the fact that they want to keep their metrics secret and they have done it successfully is in a way is independent of me.

But it does satisfy, as far as i'm concerned, i am sure that arrested development, loyal followers follow it on to netflix and we probably enhance that number because it has its own sort of popularity nucleus that explodes.

And just to stay on that theme of where content creators are going.

He is very talented.

Is there a dividing line between the media executives and the tech executives, you're happy to jump into both, you are cool with the murdochs, you are cool with jack dorsey.

Does everyone get along?

Is there friction because you think of the traditional media and the technology players?

Actually, no, there is no friction.

We have seen these giant digital companies are normatively successful.

As big as apple or google and then you have several others, they love storytelling.

They have come around to wanting stories.

And they might be sued.

To us in wealth, as they should be, but it is very integrated and they make it so that it works that way, so that it is really cohesive.

You are mentioning some of the other projects you are working on.

Well, i produced eight mile, and then it produced -- morphed into a dimension of american gangster and now i have a tv series which is at foxx.

It is called "empire" which is a soap opera in the world of hip-hop.

, it is totally cool.

You are busy guy, thanks as always.

I think it is almost birthday time for you.

It is my birthday every time i come.

That is why notice.

Thank you so much, you guys are having a good time.

That was our senior west coast

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