`Deadliest Catch’ Wraps Up Season 10 With a Bang

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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) – “Deadliest Catch” Star Captain Keith Colburn discusses the season finale of his hit show on the Discovery Channel. He speaks on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Congratulations on the show.

I hear it is going to be an epic finale.

Give us a hint what we are going to see.

The season in general was difficult for all of us.

We had some severe weather, and it ended with -- i guess you would say with a bang.

If you are going on a roller coaster ride, that last drop, that is pretty much what tonight's show will be about.

We got hit with an arctic blast.

Basically an arctic hurricane and had some serious issues on a number of votes.

One, it was actually at the dock.

You could be 300 miles from shore and in jeopardy or 75 feet from shore and be in jeopardy, but that is just the bering seas whether -- weather.

Having watched your show, i can see why you would be in landlocked dallas today.

What is it that makes the show so successful now?

I get the dramatic elements, the suspense, the thrill, but why is it such a big hit here in 2014? you know, i think a lot of credit has to go to everyone associated, the cameramen on the show.

They have increased and improved everything with specialty shots and everything else that more or less capture what we do even more and more year in and year out and an even more detail.

They do a better job of following stories, so they are slowly but surely really bringing a documentary about fishing in alaska to life on tuesday night on discovery channel.

How realistic is the show?

I understand your job is incredibly dangerous, but how much are you putting yourself in the situations for television, and how much would you find yourselves in those situations without cameras?

We do not put ourselves in any situation for television or television cameras.

My insurance alone is astronomical.

If anything, i take even more evasive action to try to prevent accidents, injuries, getting caught in a severe weather system because, to be honest, as much as everybody loves to watch it, i don't. those are my guys.

Those are the lives i am a sponsor before.

We do nothing for the cameras.

We basically go fish, and that's what we do.

Keith, you were a ski bum in lake tahoe before you did this, i'm told.

Why do you keep doing this what now that you've got other options?

We know you've got a family at home.

There's better things to do in the world, no?

There are, but i'm actually going into my 30th year.

This will be my 30th anniversary . i am a fisherman now.

I did not know or plan or a that at some point in my life i would become a fisherman.

When i first started, i loved the sea but then i hated the work.

And then i learned to like the work and i still love the sea.

There's not a lot of rear movement or side to side when it comes to fishing.

Keith colburn, captain on

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