$88B of Trade Crossed El Paso Ports in 2011

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- El Paso, Texas Mayor Oscar Leeser discusses his visit to new York City to meet with business leaders on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tell me a bit about el paso.

It is interesting, at the very least, that you should be here in new york city making a pitch.

What is your pitch?

We are coming here to look as psychic consultants.

We are talking about our city.

We have invested 473 million dollars in ourselves, which is our lifeline.

The city of el paso voted to invest in quality of life.

So when we do attract companies and people to come and live in our city, that we will have things of value to our community.

Some of the multipurpose arena, a children's museum, a multicultural purpose center.

We have a state-of-the-art stadium opening up.

If you talk about one of the greatest things to impact el paso, we had about 9000 troops in 2009 and today we have about 30,000. we are opening up a hospital, $1.1 billion invested into the facility and it will be open by 2017. people talk about the challenges facing the american economy.

The mexican economy faces challenges of its own.

But the mexican president seems to be making some big strides, winning some concessions from congress.

To the extent that the exiting economy thrives, to what degree does that help you code how helpful is that too el paso?

-- to what degree does that help?

How helpful is that too el paso?

Talk to us about the relationship between mexico and el paso.

But that is a great question.

-- that is a great question.

As they prosper and start getting bigger, it creates more business for el paso, but also for the u.s. you have almost $100 billion in trade across the border annually.

And it is not only for el paso, but the whole united states.

It crosses through our area and it is important that we continue to prosper and grow as our economy grows.

Sebastian, we talked earlier about geopolitics.

There is a steeped relationship between mexico and america.

To what degree do you think prospects for america and immigration reform are important for the american economy?

To the american economy, very important.

You need to standardize and regularized the way you take in new people for their energy and skill for the economy.

We mentioned that russia has feet of clay.

Part of the reason is that the population will decline one in 10% in the next 70 years.

By contrast, the u.s. has a growing population, and some of that is to do with immigration.

That is why we are not japan, not italy.

You want to bring in the schools, you want to bring in the people.

Some sort of immigration reform is important.

Immigration is clearly an enormous opportunity for a country like america.

But there are challenges, the kind of economic challenges that we need to talk about here in america.

Or on the east coast we are so used to talk about the kind of precipitation that we have been getting all winter long.

It tends to cloud the discussion around water.

Water is a critical resource.

When you look north into the mountains of new mexico, the source of your freshwater, what do you see?

It cannot be good.

El paso has a diesel plant that is one of the largest in the country.

That has been a big part of our water source.

One of the big sources is the meltdown of from colorado.

The snowpack right now is 50%. that sounds frightening to me.

We have to be proactive.

That is why when you see the plant that we do have, we have become proactive.

We are looking forward.

I wonder about your manufacturing plants in el paso, because one of the big questions for the american economy right now is whether you can have a manufacturing renaissance.

We have many business leaders talking about how outsourcing is out of fashion.

You have us-made cars and so forth.

There are exported abroad.

There is a bit of a sentiment abound -- around u.s. manufacturing.

Do you see that in el paso?


We have about 100,000 jobs in manufacturing.

You're right, the outsourcing is coming back.

That has been a positive sign for us and the united states.

Is that a potential source of friction?

The mexicans want the jobs just as badly as el paso once the jobs.

-- wants the jobs.

It is important that we work together.

It is in -- interesting that you see that comeback right on the border.

Do you see companies moving back onto your side?

Is that clear?

We do have the free trade zone in el paso, which makes a big difference.

One of the things i wanted to ask you about is -- how do i put it?

El paso relative to the rest of texas, how do you draw attention to a city like yours when there is often, a thriving tech -- austen, a thriving tech community, dallas with its grip on the oil industry?

How does el paso stand out in the crowd?

The people of el paso are making a large investment.

It's a quality of life thing.

$473 million to improve the quality of life for the citizens of el paso.

30,000 troops.

We have 80,000 veterans in el paso right now, so we have a great -- and i one of the things you have built with his quality of life is some kind of digital war?

-- digital wall?

The digital wall is the first of its kind in the united states.

It will be interactive in other parts of the world.

We have a smaller wall that we will take around to schools and other areas to interact to be part of it.

I don't know what it does.

What do you do with an interactive wall?

You talk to other parts of the world.

You're able to download some of their stuff and interact with other parts of the world.

It is really neat, and you will see that start to grow as the time comes.

As you have oculus and other things of that sort in the news, i guess this is right in there.

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