Bloomberg maintains high internal standards for redundancy and availability for all critical systems, including Bloomberg Vault. The system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with automatic escalation and response processes. Bloomberg Vault also offers unique solutions that provide automatic end-to-end reconciliation of email from the system of origin to the archive. Each individual message is tracked to ensure that it is properly ingested and stored in order to provide customers with 100% confidence that the required data has been captured.

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  • Bloomberg Vault runs “hot-hot” in multiple protected & redundant highly secure data centers
  • Each data center has enough capacity to operate the entire service were one center to be brought offline
  • Various network access controls protect the Bloomberg Vault servers from unauthorized access or manipulation
  • Biometric access controls for all compliance and legal administrators & complete auditing and logging on for all Bloomberg Vault systems
  • Each Bloomberg Vault account is provided a separate account storage system that contains unique indices specific to that account
  • Bloomberg Vault incorporates an industry-leading email security system
  • Bloomberg supports TLS Encryption, which ensures secure end-to-end transit between clients & the gateway

Bloomberg has multiple dedicated standalone data centers designed, built, and operated internally. To request a virtual tour of a data center, email