In an environment of increased regulatory scrutiny financial services firms must proactively monitor the communications and activity of their employees for inappropriate behavior. The task has only become more daunting in recent years with the explosion in the volume and variety of data produced by communications platforms available to employees. Bloomberg Vault proactively monitors communications through automatic real-time policies in order to decrease risk to your firm.

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  • 40+ pre-packaged policies that monitor in real time: Start using the tool out-of-the-box by enabling the relevant policies. These can also be customized and tuned specific to your business.
  • Complete audit trail and reporting: Audit actions are captured and available for reporting, enabling firms to defend their supervision practices to regulators.
  • Fast and flexible: Search across the entire archive — including files and documents — Investigate potential issues or perform ad-hoc investigations across historical data by quickly searching the entire historical archive.


The changing European regulatory environment is top of mind for many of our customers. Firms can begin to prepare now for the advent of the new and expanded recordkeeping, trade reconstruction and supervision requirements under MiFID II by making thorough and critical assessments of the systems and processes they currently have in place. This whitepaper explores a “platform approach” to recordkeeping, trade reconstruction and market abuse detection, and preparing firms for MiFID II by ensuring they’re compliant and ready with best practices.

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The volume of communication- and trade-related data generated by financial firms is growing at a staggering rate. At the same time, regulatory scrutiny has placed increased pressure on firms to deploy smart, scalable technology and processes to minimize risk and to thrive in a transformed environment. This technical overview explores the need for a next-generation surveillance technology and outlines an approach.

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