Employees are creating, sending and storing more unstructured content than ever before, with data volumes growing by exponentially year over year. This explosive fragmentation of “dark data” within files and documents—including email, file-sharing, social media, collaboration platforms, mobile and cloud repositories—introduces new security challenges for IT and headaches for Compliance and Legal departments. Many organizations lack knowledge of the volume, composition, risk profile and business value of this unstructured data.

File Analytics enables firms to search, analyze, and retrieve dark data across corporate file shares and cloud repositories, and can scale to massive volumes for global organizations. Enterprise search, compliance WORM archiving, proactive supervision and ad-hoc document retrieval capabilities are now at the fingertips of the business end users. As an end-to-end service, it integrates with the archiving, surveillance, eDiscovery and trade reconstruction solutions offered by Bloomberg Vault.


  • Create an enterprise “data map” for IT storage management and visibility
  • Enterprise-level search and analysis based on keyword, metadata, search patterns and users
  • Policy-driven surveillance across files, shares and repositories
  • Regulatory driven WORM archiving
  • Support CIFS or NFS file shares, Sharepoint 2010 and 2013, Box, Salesforce Files and Amazon S3
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc reporting
  • eDiscovery workflows with case management, tagging and investigation
  • Data analytics through visualization and intelligent representation


Regulated firms must be able to analyze and manage the unstructured data residing within their firm. This Gartner Market Guide for File Analysis Software provides specific recommendations of vendors who have demonstrated expertise in this space.

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