Changing the Environment


Laurence Kemball-Cook


5-15 Cromer Street, Kings Cross, London WC1H 8LS

Pavegen creates flooring that harvests the kinetic energy of people’s footsteps as they walk over it to generate electricity. The tile technology – already used at Heathrow Airport and under a football pitch in Rio de Janeiro – is combined with a back-end system that stores and manages the renewable energy. In July 2015, the company used crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to raise £2.06 million – 275% over its £750,000 target – to expand the company outside of the United Kingdom. The startup opened new offices in Cambridge and San Francisco and made a couple of high-profile appointments to its advisory board: former Apple head of Global Media and Entertainment Jeff Martin and former president of Interface FLOR Greg Colando. In 2016 the company will launch a sleeker version of its tile that is more efficient in terms of production cost and energy output.

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Photographer: Jeremy Liebman | Words: Olivia Solon | Editor: Nate Lanxon