Changing the Environment

Heat Genius

Alasdair Woodbridge, Simon Turner


The Jewellery Business Centre, 95 Spencer Street, Birmingham B18 6DA

Heat Genius is a smart heating control system. It learns when you use each room in your home, turning off radiators and other heat sources independently and automatically, resulting in greater control of energy and bills. Having been self-funded since launch, the company closed its first round of financing – £200,000 from a private investor – at the end of 2015. Turnover in 2015 has quadrupled and headcount doubled since 2014; both are predicted to double again in 2016. Heat Genius plans expansion into continental Europe, with the product being updated to allow for the control of air conditioning systems.

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Photographer: Carlos Jimenez | Words: Olivia Solon | Editor: Nate Lanxon