Changing the Environment


Ben Pugh


J305 Biscuit Factory (Drummond Road), London SE16 4DG

Farmdrop is an online marketplace that lets people buy food directly from local farmers and producers. Consumers are promised fresher food – delivered the same day it’s picked from the field – while the producers get a better deal than they would from supermarkets. The company launched in 2014 after raising £750,000 through crowdfunding platform Crowdcube and has grown revenue by 230% year on year. In September the startup attracted an additional £500,000 funding from investors including Hoopla founder Alex Chesterman and ASOS founder Quentin Griffiths. In November, Farmdrop launched a smartphone app for consumers and a range of alcohol products including craft beer, cider and gin.

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Photographer: Ana Cuba | Words: Olivia Solon | Editor: Nate Lanxon