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William Shu, Greg Orlowski


Deliveroo, Roofoods Limited, 22-24 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HJ

Deliveroo provides a delivery service for restaurants so that they don’t need to invest in their own fleet of vehicles or online ordering systems. The startup also partners with premium restaurants – including those with Michelin stars – that typically don’t provide delivery. The company has developed a proprietary logistics platform to optimise pick-up and drop-off routes to ensure that deliveries arrive in an average of 30 minutes. In 2015 the company expanded from just operating in London to 52 cities across 12 countries, with daily orders increasing tenfold since January. The startup also raised $195 million in three rounds of funding throughout the year to help fuel growth.

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Photographer: Carlos Jimenez | Words: Olivia Solon | Editor: Nate Lanxon