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Ryan's Russia: A Year in Russia

June 1 (Bloomberg) -- The Ryan's Russia team has spent the last year touring the world's biggest country to bring you the Russia you didn't know. U.S. cowboys starting a ranch outside Moscow, the Bolshoi Ballet appointing an American as one of its principal male dancer and the world's highest paid soccer team were just a few of the stories we covered. Join us for the rest. (Source: Bloomberg)


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About Ryan's Russia

Ryan's Russia returns with its unique take on the world's biggest country. We'll be revealing the Russia you didn't know. It's the Russia which claims to be one of Europe's most religious countries. The Russia which has taken the lead over the US in the space race. We'll be travelling to Sochi, one of Russia's favourite summer resorts on the Black Sea. Stalin's favourite vacation spot will be the setting for the 2014 Winter Olympics. We'll also be meeting the KGB-educated cryptologist spearheading a whole new tech industry. And we'll be highlighting the art and culture of a country we still know so little about.

Ryan Chilcote specializes in long-form storytelling and interviews, most recently presenting the 12-part series 'Ryan's Russia'- a unique take on the world's largest country. He also reports on companies, commodities, economics and politics throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa from his base in London - filing from more than two dozen countries since joining Bloomberg in 2007.