More Efficient Workflows


Making the right decision at the right moment captures profit. To retain it, firms need seamless and efficient workflow from idea generation, to trade execution, to final settlement.

Point of View

Create a Seamless Environment

Efficient trading operations are table stakes for competitive firms, regardless of size or specialty. Capturing opportunities requires talented people, but these professionals must be equipped with the technology and infrastructure to acquire complex data easily, gain insights quickly and make decisions that are not only profitable—but aligned with efforts across the trading enterprise.

In most cases, efficiency requires firms to minimize the number of applications in use and the steps required to complete essential tasks. If a portfolio manager, for example, has to log into separate tools to generate trade ideas, aggregate data, apply analytics, place orders, run compliance checks and execute the trade, efficiency will suffer. Trades that are initially profitable may become less so if settlement and management are too expensive or time-consuming. Similarly, firms that rely on unique setups for each asset class or region find it difficult to scale up without increasing costs.

Bloomberg Trading Solutions helps firms address these issues and improve efficiency in several important ways.


OMS platforms that are pre-integrated with the Bloomberg Professional® Service allow firms to establish seamless workflow in a “single screen” experience.


Professionals in the front office, middle office or operations can customize the workspace to meet individual needs, display relevant data and optimize daily tasks.


Bloomberg Trading Solutions global presence enables firms to add clients and counterparties, in addition to pursuing new strategies across regions and asset classes, without increasing the technology footprint.


The resilience and stability of the Bloomberg private network provides an unmatched level of assurance in day-to-day business continuity as well as disaster recovery.