On both sides of the market, trading operations face unprecedented challenges. Trusted data and innovative technology pave the way for higher efficiency, better decisions and stronger performance.

Point of View

Buy-Side Firms Need a Truly Native OEMS

Never before has the arena in which asset managers compete looked so formidable. Liquidity is fragmented. Capital restrictions are transforming traditional market structures. Increasingly pervasive regulations continue to evolve. Centralized operations drive more trades to slimmer desks. Most critically, optimizing execution requires unprecedented speed in a sub-second trading environment.

Very few OMS platforms are built for speed. Often, they rely on integration with other execution management tools. Even if some EMS functions—such as algorithmic trading, pre-trade analytics and charting—are available within the OMS, traders are frequently forced to use a dedicated EMS for more sophisticated tasks. This disconnect can severely affect productivity and speed to market.

In other words, the integration of OMS and EMS functionality is no longer optional. This is why Bloomberg Trading Solutions focuses on enabling seamless buy-side workflow for the entire trade life cycle driven by consistent, accurate and trusted data.

Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM) is the first and only natively developed order and execution management system (OEMS). It provides a single, unified solution with order and execution management capabilities that are natively bound as one system.

Sell-side Traders and Sales Require Higher Efficiency

Fixed Income

Across fixed-income asset classes, the primary challenges are the effects zero-interest rate policies combined with Basel III, the Volcker rule and other regulations aimed at increasing transparency. In most cases, revenues and profits are lower and dealers must operate within strict cost constraints. The urge to improve efficiency is strong and leading firms to consider investments in new technology, from automated methodologies to electronic trading solutions.

The advantage of Bloomberg Trade Order Management Solutions (TOMS) is its ability to meet a diverse range of sell-side fixed-income needs in a comprehensive order and execution management platform. For each of these asset classes, TOMS provides the tools dealers need to enhance trading efficiency, simplify trade execution and streamline processes. Plus, its electronic trading tools and connectivity enable fixed-income sell-side firms to pursue a greater variety of execution strategies while creating new opportunities to increase order flow and profitability.


Over the past five years, the global sell-side equity market has been reshaped by the global economic slowdown, prominent technology problems and a torrent of new regulations. Cost pressures continue to rise as firms struggle to increase revenue despite a reduction in commission dollars. Together, all of these factors are driving the need for trading solutions that help broker dealers operate more profitably in a rapidly evolving environment.

Bloomberg Sell-Side Execution and Order Management Solutions (SSEOMS) is specifically designed to help equity sell-side professionals gain insights that transform data into a competitive advantage. SSEOMS is fully integrated with the Bloomberg Professional® service, offering a holistic solution for order and execution management fueled by high-quality data, news and analytics.


Turn Data Into Competitive Insights