Selecting the right technology is just as important as making the right trading decisions. Bloomberg Trading Solutions provides resilient, high-performance systems for the entire trading life cycle.

Point of View

Intelligent Tools for Efficient Trading

The industry-wide focus on trusted, high-quality data has called into question the fragmented technology stacks firms accumulated in years past as lines of business acted independently. Bloomberg Trading Solutions is dedicated to providing complete platforms that consolidate data sources, minimize the number of components and simplify the technology footprint.

This reliable, versatile technology allows firms to spend less time dealing with infrastructure issues and more time leveraging intellectual property and building a competitive advantage.

Part of The Bloomberg Network

All OMS offerings are delivered as managed services through an application service provider (ASP) model. Each instance of AIM, TOMS and SSEOMS is hosted as an independent and segregated trading solution on the Bloomberg Professional® service platform.

This allows firms to tap into the massive computing power of the Bloomberg private network for analytics, data distribution, liquidity discovery and more. Firms can scale up order and execution management when the time is right—without adding servers, managing integrations or developing specialized software. In addition, remote access from Bloomberg Anywhere® provides a natural solution for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Extensive Market Connectivity

Bloomberg Trading Solutions offerings provide out-of-the-box connectivity to a vast number of markets, venues and regulatory agencies, including high-performance, low-latency access to electronic markets. Extensive connectivity makes it easier for firms to find the right trading partners without devoting resources to maintaining and upgrading a collection of disparate connectivity points and processes.

Integration Expertise

Bloomberg Trading Solutions also gives firms access to some of the most talented integration experts in the industry through our Connectivity and Integration Solutions (CIS) group. This team provides a suite of tools to support efficient integration of OMS, EMS and other enterprise systems to support efficient straight-through processing.


Turn Data Into Competitive Insights