Smarter Data Management


In faster, more complex and highly regulated markets, the quality of data is more vital than ever. Managing data can’t be an afterthought. It must be engineered into the trading life cycle.

Point of View

Reliable Data and Powerful Analytics

Accurate, comprehensive market data that can fully nourish a desks’ trading applications is one of the most important resources in any trading operation. Bloomberg Trading Solutions provides OMS platforms that are natively integrated with the Bloomberg Professional® service to make sure buy-side and sell-side professionals have instant access to critical details for the widest range of asset classes.

Seamless integration with the Bloomberg Terminal also allows firms to apply the power of Bloomberg analytics to internal data, so firms can more deeply understand their business, gain important insights into cost and efficiency and take action to spend less and improve productivity.

On the buy-side, improvements in total cost of ownership, portfolio manager performance and trading efficiency help increase margins on management fees and decrease slippage—two factors that help firms maintain alpha and attract new investment.

On the sell-side, Bloomberg OMS solutions include analytics tools designed to help sales and trading desks quantify performance, demonstrate execution quality and attract and respond to more order flow.