Adapt to evolving markets quickly.


Staying ahead of fast-moving markets requires buy-side firms to sustain incredible agility. Bloomberg helps you do exactly that. Whether you are focused on achieving alpha, reducing portfolio costs, managing risk and compliance, or optimizing execution, expect Bloomberg to provide solutions that meet critical business needs across the entire trading workflow.


Asset and Investment Manager (AIM)

For buy-side firms, Bloomberg AIM delivers global, multi-asset solutions for portfolio management, trading, compliance and operations.

AIM is used by more than 14,000 professionals in nearly 90 countries at over 700 client firms, including some of the largest asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds and government agencies.

Our goal is to offer the most scalable asset management technology in the market —one that allows AIM clients to grow assets on existing investments and to quickly expand into new asset classes, markets or investment styles without disruption.


Trading workflows typically require users to interact with many disparate systems to complete essential tasks. AIM offers a streamlined solution, allowing you to move effortlessly from the Bloomberg Professional® service to tools for portfolio management, trading and operations. Because these solutions are natively integrated with the rest of Bloomberg solutions, they enable firms to develop a more comprehensive view of performance and risk to drive more effective decision-making.

Manage Portfolio and Risk

Benchmarking, rebalancing and scenario analysis tools

Decision support and portfolio management

Optimize Workflow

Customizable workspace

Order and execution management solutions

Electronic trading with Bloomberg Fixed Income Trading (FIT), Foreign Exchange Electronic Trading (FXET) and third-party electronic execution platforms

Execution management solutions with the ability to route to more than 2,300 equity destinations, including DMA and dark pools

Enhance Compliance

Pre-trade, post-execution and end-of-day compliance

Advanced compliance rule building, reporting and complete audit history

Scalability to support high volumes of trades, compliance rules, accounts and account groups

Lower Operational Risk

Post-trade matching, settlement and reconciliation

Portfolio accounting

Performance measurement

Data aggregation and reporting

Global Multi-Asset Coverage

U.S. and international equities

Fixed income


Listed equity options


OTC derivatives

Additional Bloomberg Buy-Side Solutions

AIM is just one of many offerings from Bloomberg Trading Solutions designed specifically for buy-side firms. Asset managers can also look to Bloomberg for:

Portfolio and Risk Analytics

Portfolio and Risk Analytics helps portfolio managers achieve objectives by providing unmatched transparency into the portfolio’s performance, characteristics, risk and more. From one location, a series of powerful, integrated equity and fixed income tools delivers consistent insight, enabling you to create and execute differentiating investment strategies.

Execution Management Solutions

Execution Management Solutions enable multi-asset, broker-neutral decision support, liquidity discovery, electronic trading, order analytics and performance assessment in global equity, futures and options markets. EMSxNet connects your firm’s EMS and OMS to Bloomberg’s network of global broker destinations without affecting current trading workflows.

Bloomberg Tradebook

Bloomberg Tradebook is our agency broker that partners with buy-side and sell-side firms to provide high-quality liquidity, market insight and customized solutions, including tailored independent research, trade execution services (across equities, options, futures and FX) and commission management analysis.

Fixed Income Trading (FIT)

Bloomberg Fixed Income Trading (FIT) is transforming the derivatives market with the first commingled trading platform for OTC swap trading and ALLQ Derivatives. The platform allows buy-side investors to review indicative prices and execute directly with dealers on the Bloomberg Professional® service. What makes the ALLQ Platform unique is its ability to provide a full view of dealer liquidity and multi-currency details on interest rates swaps (IRS) and CDS.

Bloomberg’s evaluated pricing service, BVAL

Bloomberg’s evaluated pricing service, BVAL, sets a new standard for data transparency and quality in evaluated pricing of fixed-income cash instruments and OTC derivatives. It leaves behind conventional pricing techniques that are manually intensive, reliant on legacy methods and tools, and inconsistent in their extrapolation of data. Instead, BVAL provides a disciplined, highly automated and deeply algorithmic process that delivers the consistent, reliable results firms need.

Bloomberg Vault

Bloomberg Vault is an end-to-end, managed archiving and eDiscovery platform specifically designed to handle high volumes of data. It gives financial firms a reliable and cost-effective way to meet stringent legal and regulatory demands. In fact, BVault is compliant with SEC and FINRA guidelines, so Bloomberg can issue attestation letters to regulators for your firm.