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Paytm Aims to Double Quarterly Transactions to 2 Billion by Year's End

Paytm CFO and Senior Vice President Madhur Deora discusses the digital payments industry. He speaks with Stephen Engle from the Goldman Sachs Technet 2018 on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

Xing's 'Rally Inspired' Electric Supercar Has All-Wheel Drive

The 'Crypto Candidate' Backed by Some of the Biggest Bitcoin Investors

What the Popularity of 'Fortnite' Could Mean for the Future of ESports






Technology & Ideas

What Do Hedge Funds and Generation Z Have in Common?

Bilibili had better move fast if it wants to hold investor interest.

Technology & Ideas

Zuckerberg Won Only Half the Battle in Brussels

Lawmakers were unsatisfied, but the Facebook CEO can still make his point.

Technology & Ideas

Buying Into the Electric Vehicle Future? Maybe Try Leasing It

As prices fall and options increase, even driving a greener luxury SUV will be within reach in just a few years.

Technology & Ideas

Catching a Killer in the Family Tree

Through DNA samples in online genealogy databases, police have a powerful tool to find the guilty — and exonerate the innocent.


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