Bloomberg invites our loyal users to STAY CONNECTED with a transitional account providing complimentary access to the Bloomberg Professional® Service, the Bloomberg community, training and events, Bloomberg BRIEF, and Bloomberg Mobile.

Complimentary Access to the Bloomberg Professional® service

A Transitional Account providing a vast array of global data – in milliseconds.
Data, analytics, news, communications, charts, execution platforms and customer
support that let you turn knowledge into action.

Bloomberg Community

Bloomberg Professional is more than information. It’s a community – a network
of professionals and business leaders with a common interest in the world of
finance. You can communicate with one or many users at once; participate in
chats, and leverage the intelligence of your peers to find relevant news and

Training and Events

Stay in touch with market trends, learn from our industry specialists and network with other market professionals.

In addition, you will receive:

    >> Bloomberg Brief

    Electronic newsletters with proprietary data, deep analysis and expert commentary on the economy, hedge funds, financial regulations, mergers and more.

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    >> Bloomberg Mobile

    Bloomberg Mobile brings you four apps with your business day in mind. Get the latest business news and data no matter where you are.

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