Our Design Philosophy

Bloomberg spaces worldwide are places of vibrancy, collaboration, innovation, functional excellence, knowledge building and sharing. Each space is designed with the belief that design delivers powerful added value to our lives by creating an emotional connection to our environment.

The Global Design department is responsible for the design of our facilities worldwide, enhancing the Bloomberg culture of excellence and innovation in each location while also placing new emphasis on local influence and cultural context.


Design at Work

The design of the workplace is essential to enable a company’s most important asset – its people. We look at the architecture, interior design and contents of each featured office, giving you an insightful worldwide view. We introduce the architects and artists that contribute their unique talents to these vibrant, contemporary environments. Follow our design feed to enjoy a visual journey through Bloomberg’s newest spaces.

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Design Inspirations

Design is a multidisciplinary practice and inspiration is everywhere. We share what inspires us, what we look at and what we consider when we create Bloomberg spaces. Whether it is finding that perfect color tone, enhancing the functionality of a desk or understanding local eating habits, we are constantly gathering inspiration to inform our design process.

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Design at Large

We closely follow current events and trends in the design world to report on new talents, technologies and products. Our spaces are inspirational environments built to last. As part of that process we also acknowledge the masters and icons of design and architecture – understanding their influences is part of our design philosophy.

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