Where Teslas Cost the Most

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2014-06-09T21:09:58Z

Photograph by Jim Gensheimer/MCT via Zuma Press

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Baby, Can You Drive My Car?

A Tesla isn't the kind of car you buy if you're trying to pinch pennies, but how hard it hits your wallet depends on where you live. The cheapest Model S from Tesla Motors goes for $63,570 after federal tax credits for the luxury sedan designed to encourage electric-vehicle ownership. That may still sound high, but in parts of Europe and Asia, the sticker shock can be even more shocking.

Bloomberg Rankings analyzed prices in 17 countries where Tesla's Model S is sold. The prices, which don't include sales tax, were then converted to U.S. dollars. Each slide also shows how much more expensive the car costs in a particular country compared with the U.S. (For our full methodology, see the last slide.) You'll need to do your own math to figure out how much you'll save in gas.

Tesla is working on ways to bring the cost of its cars down. The automaker could finalize plans by the end of the year for where to build a "gigafactory" to supply lower-cost lithium-ion batteries for its cars. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the company plans to make cars in China in the next three to four years, which could reduce the price of the vehicle there and throughout Asia.

In the meantime, here's a ranking of 10 countries where the Model S is the most expensive. Find out which nation is the priciest — there, the cost is $40,145 more than the U.S.