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Bank Indonesia Reference Interest Rate

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For information before 2005, please visit: {}. The BI rate was first announced by Bank Indonesia's board of governors on 5th July 2005. It is part of the Inflation Targeting Framework (ITF). The BI rate is used as a monetary policy response tool and operational target for the ITF. It is set by the board of governors in quarterly board meetings scheduled every January, April, July and October. Changes will only be made when deemed necessary during these meetings. Starting November 2009, the rate in IDBIRATE will be recorded occasionally when there's an announcement. For daily rates, please visit IDBI.This index tracks the announcement dates of Bank Indonesia Reference Rate as well as the announced rates. Please refer to IDBIRTD Index for the daily Bank Indonesia Reference Rates.

Bank Indonesia strengthened monetary operations by introducing a new policy rate known as the BI 7-Day (Reverse) Repo Rate, effective from 19th August 2016. Please refer to {IDBIRRPO Index DES } for New Policy Rate