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Bloomberg US National Economy Expectations Diffusion Index

As of 6/29/2018
52Wk Range
47.00 - 56.00
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52Wk Range
47.00 - 56.00
YTD Return
Consumer confidence tracks sentiment among households or consumers. The results are based on surveys conducted among a random sample of households. The National Economy Expectations Diffusion Index is based on 500 random-sample telephone interviews collected in the first two weeks of each month. Consumers are asked whether they think the national economy is getting better ({COMFGTBT Index DES}), getting worse ({COMFGTWR Index DES}), or staying the same ({COMFSTSM Index DES}), or if they have no opinion ({COMFNOOP Index DES }), with the responses reported as a percentage of total respondents.

The National Economy Status Diffusion Index equals the percentage of respondents who answered that the economy is getting better plus one-half of the percentage who answered that the economy is staying the same.

Comparisons of the Diffusion Index and the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort indices with other economic indicators are available at {COMF}. Target Audience: US consumers Sample Size: 500 Date of Survey: first 2 weeks of the month