To make the right decision you need the right information at the right time. Bloomberg provides the most comprehensive data available for loans, with more than 52,000 active loan tranches, pipeline information and up-to-the-minute news, along with pricing, credit, pricing and yield/risk analytics.

Our deep coverage serves the variable needs of a broad user base including traders, credit analysts, portfolio managers, loan originators, private equity sponsors, risk managers and more.


Unmatched Global Market Coverage

Bloomberg’s global syndicated loan database contains more than 52,000 active loan tranches (and approximately 130,000 replaced or retired loans), covering 50,000 unique borrowers located in more than 150 countries and in 100 different currencies.

U.S. dollar volume equivalents for loans added and signed in the last 12 months are as follows:

  • Americas – US $1,944bn (more than 5,200 loans)
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa – US $1,486bn (more than 4,000 loans)
  • Asia Pacific – US $661bn (more than 3,400 loans)

Pipeline & Recent Deals

Follow new deal volume at each stage of the syndication process. On average, Bloomberg adds more than 240 loans per week, or more than 3,200 loans per quarter. Bloomberg maintains relationships with more than 1,100 unique banking entities globally for the procurement of our loan data.


In volatile markets, access to the fastest, most in-depth news is essential to gain an edge. Bloomberg’s award-winning coverage of companies, markets, economies, politics and governments ensures you get the headlines when you need them most. A single, easy-to-use function provides access to the big picture or a specific detail. You can tailor your news experience to suit your needs and interests and receive instant alerts whenever relevant stories break.

Bloomberg Brief

Bloomberg Brief newsletters combine Bloomberg data and news with industry-specific content and commentary to help you stay informed and ready for the day.

The weekly Leveraged Capital brief is written for the leveraged loan and high-yield bond markets. All the key news, analysis and commentary you need to know delivered in a weekly easy to read, digital newsletter.

Innovative Pricing

Message-mining technology saves time when you’re searching for the best loan quotes, by extracting prices straight from your inbox. Bloomberg Valuation service (BVAL) provides evaluated pricing on more than 9,000 syndicated loans.

Portfolio Analytics

Bloomberg captures 350 unique data points giving you unparalleled analytical scope into the loans market. Review the attribution of your portfolio’s active returns; deconstruct the sources of historical return on an absolute or relative basis. See dealer and issuer information, covenants and filings; compare loans and create custom peer groups.

Trade Confirmation

Utilize the power of Bloomberg’s secure, comprehensive network to confirm loan trades within the fixed income community. Send all critical trade information with ease by generating trade confirmations and sharing them with your counterparty and back-office team.


Global Syndicated Loans League Tables

Bloomberg’s league tables is your one-stop shop for constant and timely access to the most comprehensive information available on the syndicated loan market.



Sourcing, Speed & Accuracy

Bloomberg’s real-time coverage model enables us to add new deals within 30 minutes of submission of source documents from the client or of reporting by Bloomberg News.

  • Loans are updated based upon information received through our direct region-specific relationships with arranging banks, corporate borrowers and bank league table submissions.
  • In 2014, on average, Bloomberg added new leveraged deals 20 days prior to their signing date.
  • All loan-related updates are quality checked using Bloomberg’s proprietary quality assurance tools, thus ensuring field accuracy against more than 1,200 loan-specific business rules.
  • Bloomberg’s Data team reviews and processes, within one hour of publication via EDGAR, data from more than 16,000 loan-specific documents annually. We capture more than 350 unique data points and provide easy and transparent access to covenant information with click-through technology.
  • Competitor information is not used for updates to ensure the quality and integrity of our offering.

Transparency, Maintenance and Market Validity

The Financial Instrument Global Identifier, FIGI, is a global 12 digit alpha-numeric, randomly generated ID covering more than 250,000,000 active and non-active securities.

The nonprofit technology standards consortium Object Management Group voted unanimously to adopt FIGI as the standard methodology for identifying financial instruments; such as syndicated loans in CLOs.
With Bloomberg’s new standardized, open-source reporting, CLO asset managers now can easily identify loans and create comprehensive reports to help investors better understand the performance of their investments.

Over 11,000 active public S&P CUSIPs are captured and attached to the related loans on Bloomberg.

As part of our maintenance process, loans are updated and/or reviewed numerous times throughout their life cycle. Amendments are processed as they are disclosed. Amendments are processed as they are disclosed, resulting in more than 41,000 unique updates (over one million data points) to existing loans in 2015.

All relevant and publicly available information is attached to the related loan description page, enabling the user to quickly and easily access historical news stories as well as more than 6,000 credit agreements, amendments and other documentation directly related to the loan.

Leveraged Capital

A weekly publication from Bloomberg Briefs for the leveraged loan and junk bond market.

Press Releases

Learn how other companies around the world are adopting the industry standard for syndicated loans.


Bloomberg holds Syndicated Loan Roundtables in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto, Dubai and New York annually to ensure that we adapt to changes in the markets.

Bloomberg liaises with and sponsors events for the following loan associations: Asia Pacific Loan Market Association (APLMA), the Loan Market Association (LMA), and the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA). Bloomberg is proud to provide league tables for the APLMA Annual Loan Awards process.

Bloomberg also sponsors and supports Opal’s CLO summit in California and IMN’s CLO conferences in London and New York.

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