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Driverless cars: Unpaved roads or commuting nirvana?

Driverless cars are a technological pinnacle pursued by software, tech and auto companies that could replace humans engaged in a time-consuming, intuitive task with advanced thinking, sensing, reacting machines. 

Research and Analysis

On-premise big-data spending tempered by cloud shift, AI factor

Spending for on-premise big-data products based on Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL may be tempered by cloud products from hyperscale vendors and by the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) as a more-disruptive technology.

Research and Analysis

Clean-energy goals push demand for batteries, metals

Demand for lithium-ion batteries is set to surge as prices decline and governments around the world seek lower emissions from transport and target an increasing share of energy generation from renewables.

Research and Analysis

Cyberattacks and the threat to the global economy

Cyberattacks including ransomware are a matter of national security, causing billions of dollars in damage annually to the global economy. The threat is greater for regulated industries such as health care and financial services.

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