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Remote Access and Mobile

When you’re away from the office, Bloomberg Anywhere® lets you access your Bloomberg Professional service account from an Internet-ready desktop or laptop. Just log in to find the same reference-quality, real-time data and access to personal files you expect from your primary Bloomberg Terminal. To protect your confidential information, Bloomberg Anywhere requires biometric authentication with the B-Unit, a state-of-the-art portable fingerprint scanner.

Remote Access and Mobile

Access your account through your smartphone when you’re in between meetings, in transit or on the go. Just download the Bloomberg Professional app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, BlackBerry, or Android phones. The experience is optimized for mobile, which makes it easy to monitor events and markets, research securities, find your customized alerts, and other features, including messaging and IB chat.

Remote Access and Mobile

For an experience tailored for your iPad or Android tablet, download the Bloomberg Professional app. This streamlined app lets you receive customized price and news alerts, monitor events and markets, view charts, research securities and more. You can send and receive messages and use Instant Bloomberg (IB) to stay connected with colleagues, as well as reach Customer Support. The iPad app also provides a gateway to desktop features and functions.

Remote Access and Mobile

As wearable technology breaks new ground, so do we. Our innovations are changing the way the world’s leading decision makers stay connected to the markets.

Download the Bloomberg Professional app for the Apple Watch and ensure market-moving events are only ever a glance away, with top news, real-time movements in world-leading equity indices and all your alerts.