Exception management for the middle office

Bloomberg STP Solutions is a real-time multi-asset-class platform that streamlines post-trade (middle-office) workflows, allowing users to focus solely on exception trade management. Bloomberg STP Solutions reduces operational risk and cost while providing post-trade process automation to both buy-side and sell-side market participants.

A distinctive middle-office workflow tool

Bloomberg STP Solutions’ trade allocation and notification facility communicates instructions between investment managers and broker-dealers electronically — enabling you to reduce costs and operational risks. Our range of integration options makes it fast and easy to connect your current setup to our systems.

Electronic Confirmation Matching
Bloomberg’s confirmation-matching technology brings greater efficiency to post-trade management, matching post-trade information by asset manager, custodian or third-party vendor. It is built on an open architecture platform and supports industry-standard communication protocols, file transfer protocols and software message format standards.

Data Automation (File Transformation)
Bloomberg’s STPStation is a seamless, real-time counterparty connectivity and trade management solution for institutional investment managers, hedge funds, service providers, broker-dealers and custodians; it converts file-based data (e.g., allocations on Excel, PDF or CSV) into a standardized file format or FIX message that can be directly transmitted into systems such as Bloomberg’s electronic confirmation-matching engine. Accordingly, it eliminates the need for manual data input.

Fails Management
FailStation (FSTN) is an industry solution that aggregates, in real-time pre- and post-settlement exceptions for investment managers, custodian banks and broker-dealers. Our Fails Management tool allows the user to easily prioritize and resolve exceptions and fails quickly and efficiently. It is fully integrated with our electronic confirmation platform, offering a real-time confirmation status and trade details for each settlement fail. It also provides customized reporting to help analyze and resolve fail trends.

Community/STP Portal
Bloomberg’s STP Portal provides users with a configurable workspace for managing exceptions associated with the post-trade life cycle of multiple asset classes, including real-time trade allocations, trade matching and confirmations, fails management and regulatory reporting. The STP Portal also provides access to Post-Trade Chat (PTC), which allows a direct connection not only to internal risk systems but also to trade support users across participating firms on the Bloomberg network, thus helping to quickly resolve post-trade issues.

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