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Bloomberg offers a fresh perspective on the traditional world of indexing, providing independent and unbiased indices that are broadly available. With expertise in capital markets, technology, data, pricing, analytics, distribution and research, Bloomberg Indices provide the global investment community with comprehensive solutions to fulfill their benchmarking needs.

Bloomberg provides an array of services to clients interested in custom index development, investable index products designed to offer access to systematic strategies (beta, “smart” beta, and alpha), index administration and calculation agent services. Leveraging expertise in cross-asset index research and development, as well as advanced governance, operations and technology platforms, Bloomberg offers comprehensive solutions to index administrators, fund managers, advisors and investors.

Bloomberg Indices are broadly distributed and are available on the Bloomberg Terminal at no additional cost. Off-Terminal licenses for use of the index data throughout your organization via enterprise-wide feeds or third party platforms are also available.

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Disclosure & compliance

To request a copy of Bloomberg’s complaints policy or to submit a complaint regarding a Bloomberg index or index determination, please send a correspondence to or to the following postal address: Bloomberg Indices c/o Bloomberg L.P., 731 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10022, Attn: Index Compliance. All such correspondence will be monitored by a member of the Bloomberg L.P. compliance team.